Stainless Steel Scissors

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After being so unsatisfied with the scissors and shears available on the market, we decided to offer our own performance shear. Zeme shears are the best available tool for pruning and trimming plants. Our shears may look like so many other ones on the market but rest assure, our metals, plastics, coating, and finishes are made with a much higher manufacturing processes than any competitor. 

To suit your personal preference we include 2 different springs with each shear. The springs differ in spring rates and tension you so can change the preload on the shears. Depending on what you are cutting, and your hand strength or stamina you may prefer a lighter or heavier preload. We provide the added benefit of a customization spring to accommodate the preload that you need.

  • Precision hardened stainless steel
  • Soft coated grip handles
  • 2 different resistance springs
  • NOT made in China
  • FREE sample of Zeme Scissor Lubricant with every purchase
  • Strictly designed for horticulture 

Item Number: ZSSS01.00

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