Zero Residue Scissor Lubricant

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Stop using olive oil, motor oil, or WD-40 to lube your shears when they jam up with plant matter. All those products will leave a residue on the plants and it will affect the plant quality. And it will also show up in any product yielded from the plant material.  

We have formulated a colorless, odorless, and evaporating lubricant that will erode plant material off of your shear's cutting edge and cutting joint. We advise just a couple drops of Zeme scissor lubricant per session and you will be amazed how much faster and better your tools cut, just like new again. Don't throw out your old tools until you try our lubricant!

  • Keeps scissors and shears cutting like new
  • Keeps plant matter from building up on blade joints
  • No residue left behind on plants
  • No contamination of plants or even on yields from plants
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • 30 ml per bottle
  • Strictly designed for horticulture but works for any type of scissors or shears 

Item Number: ZZRL01.00

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